Our Innovations

Our Focused Products!

Pod houses

We make solid wood pod houses. Sauna pods, Glamping pods,  office pods. The pods are made in different lengths: one room pod 2.6m, two room pod 4.0m and three room pod 4.8m

Wooden Crates

We provide different crates and boxes made from plywood and solid wood. Crates for vegetables, crates for fruits, crates for vines, crates for any products.

Smaller wooden products

We provide also smaller wooden products like menu boards, cutting boards, different holders etc.

Retail Furniture and Displays

We provide solid wood racks and wall panels for retail shelves. Racks and wall panels can be made from any wood you need. Together with our partner companies we can provide also metal parts.

Display Barrels

We provide decorative display barrels for your product presentation. Barrels can be made in different sizes and blind different height of the bottom. 

Outdoor Furniture

We provide different types of exterior and garden furniture for all your business needs.

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